“Disney Festival” at School Samson

I’m happy to tell you that on the 22nd of February in our school there was a great musical festival of English song “Disney World”. In fact such kinds of festivals have become a tradition at our school. Though it takes us a lot of time to prepare the holiday, all our schoolchildren are eager to take part in it.

Thus t5he time for the festival came and all the children and teachers and guests gathered in the hall. Everybody was excited with joy. From the first accords of music the audience was plunged into the wonderful world of Disney cartoons. Our favourite characters from our beloved cartoons appeared on the stage and sang our favourite songs.

It was a great surprise to everybody when Mr. Disney himself (E.Vetokhin 9-th form) emerged on the stage. And children were happy to ask him about his work, his cartoon characters, and the history of their production.

So we understand that cartoons are made not only to entertain, but to teach us to be kind, friendly, helpful, wise and clever. They teach us to fight against evil and appreciate the good.

In conclusion I’d like to say that the festival was a great success. And we hope it’ll never end.

Фоторепортаж о фестивале "Мир Диснея"
в частной школе "Самсон"

(выберите любую фотографию для просмотра)

Учитель английского языка Цеханович А.М.со своим учеником готовы к празднику.

Ведущие фестиваля начинают концерт.

Выступление учащихся 4а класса.

Поют учащиеся 7а класса.

Выступление 5а класса.

Учащиеся 6 и 7 классов исполняют песни из мультфильмов Уолта Диснея на английском языке.

Солируют ученицы 9а класса.

Первоклассники впервые участвуют в фестивале английской песни.

Ведущая объявляет очередной номер.

Поет ученица 9б класса.

Учащиеся 4-х классов завершают интересный праздник на английском языке.